Queer Town pays their respects to the Traditional Owners of the land on which we work, the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin nation.

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Welcome to our new series:


Throughout this video series, our Co-Founders Grace and Archie will be giving you a BTS look at their journey establishing a [queer] business. You can expect: tears, joy, rainbows, (occasional) meltdowns & plenty of lols.


Episode One of Building Queer Town!

Welcome to episode one of our new series: Building Queer Town! Follow Queer Town's Co-Founders, Grace & Archie, as they give you a BTS look at the reality of building a (queer) business. Expect tears, joy, rainbows, meltdowns & some lols.


Episode Two of Building Queer Town!

In Ep 2 of Building Queer Town, we celebrate some recent breakthroughs and also explore the challenges of navigating business as two queer Co-Founders.


Episode Three of Building Queer Town!

Surprise! You can watch Ep 3 of Building Queer Town **RIGHT NOW**!

This episode covers the ~story of Queer Town~, including its birth

(glitter everywhere)

and how these two queerbos became its

co-founders (glitter *everywhere*).