Gender transitions are unique, complex and deeply personal experiences that require specific frameworks of support from workplaces, families and other networks.

This workshop provides an open-minded, non-judgmental space for groups to learn about trans and gender diverse identities and how best to support individuals navigating a gender transition.

Throughout the workshop, attendees take part in a range of interactive exercises, hear firsthand from trans and gender diverse people about their experiences, and learn practical ways to support individuals as they transition.

Our patient and understanding facilitators encourage attendees to make the most of this unique opportunity by asking the burning questions they may not feel comfortable asking elsewhere.

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  • Develop a deeper understanding of the terminology and identities associated with the trans and gender diverse community.

  • Understand the various challenges faced by trans and gender diverse people in Australia.

  • Understand the legal landscape for LGBTIQA+ people in Australia.

  • Learn about the complexity and diversity of gender transitions.

  • Develop stronger empathy for the experiences of trans and gender diverse people.

  • Expand vocabulary and learn how to use language in a more inclusive way.

  • Learn practical strategies for supporting trans and gender diverse people before, during and after gender transitions.

  • Receive answers to burning questions related to the trans and gender diverse community.

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