'LGBTIQA+ 101'

Perfect as an introductory session or a refresher for groups wanting to better understand the terminology, research and lived experiences surrounding the LGBTIQA+ communities while learning how to become better allies.


'Trans & Gender Diversity'

Learn more about the experiences of being trans and gender diverse by hearing firsthand from a member of the community, reviewing current research and learning practical strategies for supporting trans and gender diverse peers.


'Supporting LGBTIQA+

Young People'

Research shows that young LGBTIQA+ people are some of the most vulnerable members in our society. This workshop explores how we can best support them through creating safe spaces, using inclusive language and providing

them with useful resources.


'Creating LGBTIQA+ Safe Workplaces'

LGBTIQA+ staff, clients and volunteers all have a right to feel safe in a workplace environment. This workshop is best for workplaces and teams looking to get everyone on the same page and ensure their processes and policies are inclusive

“Queer Towns’ trainers broke down so many walls with their authenticity, knowledge and humour. I now feel far more confident to address and engage in areas I tended to shy away from due to ignorance. 


The session was extremely informative and delivered at a comfortable pace. A must for people of all ages.”


- Teacher from St Leonard's College, Melbourne, 2019.

About Our Workshops:

  • Length:

Depending on your needs, our workshops can run anywhere from 60 minutes to a whole day. Generally we recommend two hours. Our keynote presentations can be as short as 15 minutes. 

  • Cost:

Prices vary according to the length of the workshop and number of participants, but we'll do our best to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. 

  • Online & Face-to-Face:

We pride ourselves on delivering engaging and interactive workshops whether they’re in person or via Zoom. 

  • Bespoke Content:

If you’re looking for something specific we’re happy to work with you to develop content that best caters to your needs. This will incur a bespoke content fee.

  • Ethos:

We create judgement-free spaces for groups to expand their understanding of the LGBTIQA+ communities, learn practical strategies to be better allies and ask questions they can't ask elsewhere.

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